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Title Date Icon 05/06/2014

EETT President’s speech at the University of Piraeus

June 5 2014


A positive message to young people on the job prospects in the field of Information Technology
and Communications (ICT) was expressed by the President of EETT, Constantinos Louropoulos, in a
recent event, held at the University of Piraeus for alumni and postgraduate students.

During his speech, EETT President highlighted the prospects of the wider ecosystem consisting of
the Information and Communication Technology (ICT). In particular, he noted the ever-increasing
demand for even more data at higher speeds and the wide spread of connected and mobile devices as
well as the rapid technological developments in universities, research centers, enterprises and
start-ups such as the Internet of Things and the Machines (machine to machine), the cloud
computing, the big data and the development of new generation infrastructure and services.

Mr. C. Louropoulos also clarified the role of regulators, such as EETT in monitoring and
regulating the markets and stressed the need for coordination with all the involved players,
including government, telecommunication providers and consumers to develop a long-term strategy for
the sector. He additionally stressed that the investment in new technologies is a critical
prerequisite for the recovery of the Greek economy. Particular reference was made to developments
in the European Union and the expectations for the creation of the Single Telecoms Market by

In conclusion, EETT President invited young people to seize the opportunities and to exploit the
potential of the digital economy.

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