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Title Date Icon 26/11/2015

EETT presentation on quality indicators for electronic communications

November 26 2015

EETT presented at the 17th Congress «Infocom World 2015» held recently in Athens, the
regulatory framework for quality of service and user experience, as well as the “Measuring system
and presentation of electronic communications networks’ quality indicators”, which was implemented
by the Authority under the “Digital Convergence 2007-2013” Porgramme.

Specifically, EETT presented the interactive display system of measurement and evaluation for
the qualitative characteristics of fixed and mobile telecommunications services throughout the
country, such as the extent of coverage or speed. The results for mobile communications are
obtained through measurements made with specialized equipment that EETT has purchased, while for
fixed communications and services to end users, regardless of technology used, the results are
given by the providers according to the methodology defined in the Regulation of key performance
indicators issued by the Authority.

EETT’s goal is to enhance the available information and protection of the consumers, the
intensification of competition in the market in terms of quality of service as well as of the
availability and geographical coverage of networks by encouraging continuous investment on telecom

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