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Title Date Icon 18/06/2014

EETT operation to detect illegal interference into air navigation frequencies

June 18 2014


On June 13, an EETT team, under President C. Louropoulos, overflew in areas of the Aegean with
the purpose of locating interference into frequencies of air navigation, following a report by the
Greek Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

EETT’s special equipment EETT was used in the operation as well as an aircraft provided by the
CAA since the detection of the interference with terrestrial means was not feasible. The
interference, which came from a radio station on an Aegean island was detected and terminated
immediately after subsequent actions of EETT.

The EETT President, followingr a meeting with the CAA administration, considered which actions
EETT must undertake and gave specific instructions to its personnel for their complete
responsiveness and maximum readiness to intervene in cases of harmful interference to frequencies
of air navigation. In this context, EETT will install detection equipment in the CAA control
centers and will upgrade its spectrum control equipment.

In any case, EETT notes, once again, the serious problems caused in the frequencies of air
navigation by the uncontrolled transmission of radio stations around Greece. Final solution to the
problem can only be given upon completion of the radio stations licensing process that will allow
them to broadcast at frequencies harmonized with those of air navigation (consistent with the
respective frequency maps for each prefecture) in respect to the legal transmission boundaries and
the simultaneous establishment of organized antenna parks.

The Greek airspace radio spectrum control and the identification and suspension of interference
with the CAA system is part of the EETT responsibility of protecting from harmful interference
sensitive wireless networks, related to the protection of human life and public and national


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