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Title Date Icon 26/02/2013

EETT increases consumer protection with new Regulation

February 26, 2013


EETT issued a new Regulation on the licensing and operation terms for electronic communications
providers, according to the revised European and Greek regulatory framework aiming to safeguard
consumer rights and control charges of telephony and internet services.

Specifically, the new Regulation imposes increased obligations on providers regarding analytical
and timely information to subscribers before imposing increases in rates or changes in new
contracts and bundling offers. Furthermore, the Regulation provides, inter alia, the automatic
return of the corresponding fixed fees in cases of delayed recovery failure, the amount of the
legitimate charges during the temporary service interruption and the premature termination of the
contract as well as the non-charge mode for the waiting time in directory services.

Aiming to establish a faster service to subscribers, the Regulation dictates that the provider
has to respond in written within 20 days to any filed complaint or denunciation. If the provider
does not respond appropriately, the subscriber may contact EETT.

Additionally, the new Regulation facilitates the licensing process for providers of electronic
communications by further simplifying the registration procedure in the registry of EETT.

It is noted that this Regulation will be enforced gradually until the early autumn of 2013
following the required as adjustment of to the providers’ information systems.

EETT will continue to focus its actions to ensure the transparency in the relations of
subscribers with providers, the fulfillment of providers’ obligations, the control of charges and
the improvement of quality of service.

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