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Title Date Icon 05/08/2013

EETT improves customer care in telephony and Internet

August 5, 2013


EETT, according to its latest regulation on licensing and operating conditions in electronic
communications, imposed increased obligations on providers to safeguard the rights of consumers to
telephony and Internet.

Specifically, for the optimal customer service of requests / grievance / complaints, EETT:

a) imposes on providers, inter alia, the obligation to:

– respond in writing to any subscriber within 20 calendar days.

– attach to each request a unique reference number (which will bring a number and date of

b) recommends to consumers to:

– apply for the unique reference number along with the request / grievance /

– correspond, in case they do not receive any response after a period of 20 days, with the
Consumer Service Sector of EETT on issues of competence by attaching any written communication with
their provider.

EETT will continue to focus its activities so as providers will fulfill their obligations to
improve their customer care and consumers will keep charges under control.

Detailed information for consumers is available at

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