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EETT: Improvements in antenna licensing after three years of SILYA operation

December 22, 2015

Significant improvements in the licensing procedure of EETT on antenna mast
constructions  have been achieved after three years of implementation of the one-stop
licensing process through the Electronic System for the Antenna Construction Application Submission
(SILYA). Specifically, the total antenna mast construction licensing rate for EETT has increased by
60% since late 2012, when SILYA was launched, compared to the previous three years. Meanwhile, the
public informative portal «» that utilizes the electronic
register of SILYA on antenna mast constructions, which was developed as a tool for enhancing
transparency, has received more than 63,000 visits in the first three months of operation since
September 2015.

According to data on antenna licensing by EETT:

– EETT has granted 3,560 antenna mast construction licenses and compliance certificates from
01/01/2013 until the end of November 2015 compared with 2,230 for 2010-2012, marking a 60% output

– Specifically, since December 2012 and until the end of November 2015, EETT has:

1. Granted 3,560 antenna mast construction permits and application compliance certificates

2. Rejected 605 applications for antenna mast construction licensing

3. Revoked 284 licenses

4. Returned to the provider for rectification 3,310 licensing applications

– With respect to the 5,400 requests of antenna mast constructions pursuing a legitimate
operation status, which were pending because of the necessary approvals issued by other competent
public authorities, EETT has by today handled 3,600 applications which amount to about 66% of the

A prerequisite for further improvements in the antenna mast construction licensing process is
the participation in SILYA of all the public authorities that play a part in it, in accordance with
the provisions of Law 4070 of 2012. In this context, EETT recently organized a workshop entitled
“Antenna mast construction licensing procedures through the Electronic System for the Antenna
Construction Application Submission” with the participation of officials from civil planning
authorities and regional administrations mainly in Attica and neighboring prefectures.

It is noted that SILYA was designed and developed by EETT and since December 2012, when it
was launched, is being constantly improving. In April 2014, new features were added to centrally
manage licensing fees of antenna mast constructions and its functionality was enhanced by the
utilization of geospatial data. In March 2015, SILYA was extended to include registrations of radio
stations antenna systems, environmental declarations and antenna systems modification applications.
In July 2015, the features of submission and management of applications on construction facilities
of low electromagnetic environmental nuisance antennas and of revoke application were added, and in
September of the same year, on the basis of the antenna systems license registry, the informative
portal «» of EETT was launched.

The operation of the SILYA one-stop licensing process as well as that of “”  constitute important
steps towards the acceleration and transparency in the antenna mast construction licensing process,
the introduction of e-government services in the Greek public administration and the protection of
citizens’ rights.

The informative portal «» is available only in

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