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Title Date Icon 15/02/2013

EETT conducts control operations in Mytilene

February 15, 2013


EETT, in cooperation with local police and judicial authorities, participated in operations to
terminate the operation and confiscated broadcasting equipment for two illegal television
broadcasters, «TV Mytilene” and “ARCHIPELAGO”, in Mytilene, a few days ago.

Following a complaint forwarded by the Greek National Council for Radio and Television (NCRTV),
Greek Police assisted by EETT’s technical experts and the presence of local judicial officers
terminated the operation of a digital signal (UHF 31) transmitted from the location of Prophet
Elias in Mytilene and confiscated the broadcasting equipment belonging to the so called Mitilini
Digital. The signal transmission came from a channel that is not allocated for digital transmission
and by a provider not licensed by EETT. The latter also carried a TV program not licensed by NCRTV
and broadcasted the logo of a legally functioning analog TV station with the distinctive title «TV

Moreover, following a complaint filed with the Police Department of Mytilene, the Police
assisted by technical experts of EETT and in the presence of a judicial officer terminated the
broadcasting of a program by the analog transmitter (UHF 21) of the television station
“ARCHIPELAGO” that was also transmitted from the location of Prophet Elias, Mytilene. NCRTV, by its
own resolution, had lifted the license of legitimate operation of the station on 21.01.2013.

It is noted that the Joint Ministerial Decision on the transition from analogue to digital
television broadcasting determines 23 locations across the Greek Territory in which transmitters,
facilities and channels of digital broadcasting will be placed during this period. Eligible for
transmitting are only those network providers who, with the consent of all the content providers,
have registered for transmission by EETT and have obtained content broadcasting license by the

In this context, EETT, as prescribed by law, conducts continuous monitoring and records digital
and analogue TV signals, either upon complaint or on its own motion, and per case issues applicable

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