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Agreements for the usage of spectrum in mobile telephony are signed

October 30, 2014

With the signing of the granting agreements between EETT President, Mr. C. Louropoulos, and
the heads of the OTE Group, of Vodafone Greece and WIND Hellas, Mrs. M. Tsamaz, Gl. Persianis and
N. Zarkalis respectively, and the granting of rights to use frequencies in the 800 and 2600MHz
bands, the bidding process designed and successfully implemented by EETT for allocating the Digital
Dividend was officially completed today.

During the event, held at the offices of the Regulatory Authority, EETT President, Mr. C.
Louropoulos, stressed: “The granting of rights to use frequencies in the mobile telephony and the
allocation of the Digital Dividend is a key development for mobile broadband in the country. In
budgetary terms, a sum of 381.1 million euro was secured. At market level, the dynamics of the
sector were demonstrated, as well as the confidence that three international companies place in the
emerging growth of the Greek economy. Furthermore, spectrum resources were secured that will
promote investment in new wireless technologies for fourth generation networks (4G), will support
innovative communication services of access, content and data, and will bridge the digital divide.
As for consumers, they will be now able to enjoy the best and most advanced services, making the
most of the possibilities offered by technology today. This development is expected to improve the
administration and delivery of services, and facilitate transactions between businesses and
consumers or between citizens and businesses with the public sector.”

The President and CEO of OTE Group, Mr. M. Tsamaz, noted: “Telecommunications are changing
the world and the OTE Group is the protagonist of this change for the benefit of its customers and
the country. The new, large investment of 135 million euro by COSMOTE in spectrum will be added to
the large investment of 1.2 billion euro in a four-year plan already implemented by the Group.
Greece needs high-level networks and telecommunications to get into a dynamic growth trajectory and
OTE Group responds to this national need, opening the way to the new digital era. ”

The President and CEO of Vodafone Greece, Mr. Gl. Persianis, said: “Vodafone’s commitment
towards its subscribers and generally to the Greek consumers is to invest in the country and to
provide superior reliability and fast communication of voice and data. With this new investment in
the range of 124.5 million euro, we significantly expand the available opportunities for Vodafone.
We support the economy and prove in practice our commitment to participate in the continuous
development and improvement of the telecom infrastructure in our country. In our part, the State
and the competent authorities must ensure that the market continues to function properly, in a
suitably and effectively regulated and healthy competitive environment. ”

The President and CEO of WIND Hellas, Mr. N. Zarkalis, stressed that: “By investing in the
digital dividend, WIND completes a four-year plan of investment in networks and infrastructure that
exceed the amount of half a billion euro. The fact that these investments were made in conditions
of economic crisis magnifies their value to our economy and society and demonstrates that we face
our role as a provider of critical infrastructure for the country with particular responsibility.
With the support of our shareholders, we create new generation networks and offer the most up to
date communication services to the Greeks. The minimum that remains to be swiftly done by the State
is to solve the issue of licensing mobile networks, putting thus an end to 20 years of negligence.

It is noted that the process of distributing radiofrequencies in the 800 and 2600MHz bands
completes EETT’s work for the allocation of the Digital Dividend. EETT laid the foundations for the
transition to digital terrestrial television broadcasting and the granting of the released spectrum
from analog TV in the 800MHz band to telecommunications providers, with the purpose of commercial
development of sophisticated services in mobile communications.

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