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Title Date Icon 21/05/2013

8th International Conference of EETT: The digital future is here

May 21, 2013

With the main conclusion that the digital future is here and that the rapid transition to the
digital economy is a prerequisite for economic and social growth, EETT’s 8th International
Conference, titled “Regulation towards a Smart Digital Ecosystem”, was successfully completed.

The challenges and prospects emerging for the markets of electronic communications and postal
services in the new digital era were the focus of the conference, during which a vibrant and
constructive dialogue was developed. The conference featured prominent speakers, senior executives
from providers and operators of Greek and international telecommunications and postal services as
well as officials from the European Commission and international regulators.

The second day of the conference was opened by the General Secretary of Telecommunications
& Postal Services, Mr. Menelaos Daskalakis, who, among other things, stated that “The markets
of telecommunications and high technology are high on the agenda of priorities for the development
of the Greek Economy. The Ministry directly promotes projects and actions in this direction and
plans its policies on the basis of the strategic importance of this sector, focusing its actions on
the stimulation of investment and openness of the Greek enterprises”.

The President of EETT and BEREC Chair, Dr. Leonidas Kanellos, in his main presentation,
discussed in detail the new digital ecosystem which is characterized by mobility, universal
broadband and connectivity, providing a variety of “smart” technology applications that can improve
significantly the daily life of all. He noted that in order to exploit these new capabilities the
necessary network infrastructure is required. In this context and given that the demands for
mobility and network capacity are growing at an exponential rate, Dr. L. Kanellos stated that “If
Europe really wishes to have an active role in developments then major investments, appropriate
regulatory policies and measurable objectives such as those of the Digital Agenda 2020 are

EETT’s International Conference, with its expanded and well-timed topics, provided for the
eighth consecutive year the opportunity for exchanging views, ideas, best practices and for
fruitful discussions. EETT, under its regulatory and supervisory role, will utilize the findings of
the Conference to the benefit of the two markets, the consumer and the Greek economy.

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