Open International Electronic Tender for the Project “Procurement of Ultra-Light Handheld Spectrum Monitoring Receivers”

EPAnEK 2014-2020


The object of the tender is the procurement of Ultra-Light Portable Spectrum Monitoring
Receivers, antennas and peripheral equipment, as well as the provision of training services to
Contracting Authority technicians in the use of equipment and maintenance-and-support services for
the warranty period.

The procurement consists of twelve (12) ultra-light portable spectrum monitoring receivers
capable to function in 30 ΜHz to 40 GHz frequency band, along with twelve (12) sets of portable
antennas tuned to 30 ΜHz to 40 GHz frequency band. The receivers should be capable of performing a
set of monitoring measurements, with the main one being radiolocation (Line of Bearing – LoB on a
GIS tool). The procurement also includes terminal equipment (smartphones or tablet computers) to
control the receivers and the corresponding number of licenses of the necessary software. It is
noted that in addition to the aforementioned supply, Contracting Authority technicians’ training
services (approximately 40 people) on equipment use and maintenance, as well as support services
during the Good Maintenance Period should be offered.

document (in greek)