Fixed service

The fixed service relates to communication between two or more radio communication stations located at a fixed position.

For the implementation of fixed service wireless networks, you can use the radio frequency bands provided for in the Regulation on radio spectrum conditions of use. 

To grant an individual right to use radio frequencies (license) for a specific radio frequency band, follow the procedure described in the Regulation on the use and granting of rights to use individual radio frequencies or radio frequency bands under the general authorization system for the provision of networks and/or electronic communications services.


All applications for radio spectrum rights of use shall be submitted electronically through the Spectrum Management System, SMS, Web Portal:

  • Granting new rights of use.
  • Modification of an existing right.
  • Revocation of an existing right.
  • Modification of information (e.g. contact) of the right holder.
  • Renewal/No Renewal of an existing right.

Before submitting applications, you need to register at the SMS Web Portal.

Please read the following instructions carefully on how to register and submit applications. Also consult the informational videos. 


For the granted rights to use radio spectrum, you pay fees for each year that the right is in effect, regardless if the radio frequency is used. The fees are calculated in accordance with the Regulation on the determination of fees for the assignment and use of radio frequency spectrum.
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