Broadband Report, Q4-2021

The Broadband Report Q4-2021 outlines the development of the Greek broadband market during the end of 2021. Its main findings are:

  • At the end of 2021, broadband connections reached 4.429.632 (up 158.897, compared to end of December 2020). Broadband penetration increased to 41.5%, compared to 39.8% in end of December 2020.
  • The total number of LLU lines (Full-LLU, Sub-full LLU) reached 1.846.217. Full LLU lines represent approximately 81,5% of them.
  • Unbundled lines represent 30.7% of total broadband lines, while NGA access lines represent 17.98% of them, retail lines by the incumbent operator (OTE) represent 48.1%, Bitstream lines represent 2.92% and the rest 0.49% are lines of other technologies (FWA, fiber, leased lines etc).
  • VDSL penetration reached 14.4% of Greek population.
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