EETT participates in the activities of the following entities of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development-OECD. EETT, through its participation, exchanges technical knowledge/ know-how and best practices with the counterparts of other NRAs of OECD member countries, beyond the European framework, such as Australia, USA, Japan, Canada, China, Russia.

Network of Economic Regulators-NER: NER promotes dialogue between National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) with responsibilities in the domains of electronic communications, energy and transport, in order to establish good regulatory practices. In addition, it advances issues relating to economic regulation, competition, consumer protection and network security.

Working Party on Communication Infrastructures and Services Policy (CISP): CISP examines Electronic Communications and Internet policies, promotes the exchange of experience among OECD members assessing the quality of information technology infrastructure services. It mainly focuses on the regulation and convergence of electronic communications networks, Internet, cable television, and fixed and wireless transmission.

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