1. Can I use a wireless device (radio equipment) intended for a country outside the European Union (EU) in Greece?

You are not allowed to use devices which are not intended for the European Union market. Apart from legal provisions prohibiting the use of such devices, you must take into account the following:

  • The wireless devices intended for countries outside the EU are subject to different conformity requirements and, in general, use different frequencies than those provided for in the EU. For this reason, they are likely to either cause or accept interference.
  • There is no guarantee that the protection of the user’s health and safety is as strict as the measures applied in the EU.

2. How can I determine whether a device is intended for the EU market?

The wireless devices intended for the EU market bear appropriate markings and are accompanied by specific documents (see Markings and documents). In general, a device intended for the EU market bears the CE marking both on the packaging and on the device. Furthermore, the EU declaration of conformity must be included, amongst others, in the accompanying documents.

3. What is the declaration of conformity? In which language should it be drawn up?

The declaration of conformity, which accompanies a product, is a specific document in which the manufacturer declares that the product is in compliance with the appropriate EU legislation. In the case of radio equipment, conformity is laid down in Directive 2014/53/EU. If the product is available in the Greek market, the declaration of conformity must be also drawn up in Greek.

The product is accompanied by a copy of the declaration of conformity or a simplified version. The full text has the model structure set out in Annex VI of the Presidential Decree No. 98/2017. The simplified text should be drawn up in accordance with the Annex VII of the above-mentioned Presidential Decree and, when accompanying a product, it should state the Internet address where the full text of the declaration is available.

4. Can all radio equipment which is in conformity with EU legislation be used in Greece?

All products which are in conformity with EU legislation may be placed and made available on the Greek market.

However, it is pointed out that, for reasons relating to the effective use of radio spectrum, the use of certain categories of products is not permitted or authorization of use is required. These products must bear appropriate marking on the packaging and relevant information in accompanying documents.

Information about markings and accompanying documents

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