What you need to know about mobile devices: Recommendations from EETT to consumers

EETT issues recommendations for mobile users regarding charges control, as well as device and data protection issues.

Specifically, EETT suggests consumers ways to avoid unwanted or excessive charges when connecting to the Internet and using data or Multimedia Information Services. In addition, EETT
recommends that consumers apply special security settings in order to protect their device and data from viruses, loss and theft, and also pay special attention to payments and money transfers via
mobile devices. Moreover, EETT informs consumers about roaming issues when travelling abroad or in border areas.

EETT’s top priority remains the protection of consumers’ rights and their access to competitive choices regarding telecommunications services.

The relevant video with EETT’s recommendations for mobile users is available at http://www.eett.gr

For the detailed EETT’s recommendations (available in Greek) please visit http://www.eett.gr.

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