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Title Date Icon 31/05/2018

Recommendations to consumers for arbitrary charges through premium rate numbers

EETT, due to the large increase of complaints over the last months, regarding Multimedia Information Services (MIS) and, in particular, arbitrary charges through 5-digit premium rate numbers, issues recommendations for consumers.

In particular, EETT suggests ways to avoid unwanted charges when using MIS. In particular, EETT recommends to consumers to apply special security settings in order to protect their mobile
device from viruses. Also, consumers should pay particular attention whenever they enter their mobile phone number on websites or in applications, in order to subscribe or participate in MIS. It
should be noted that the installation of malicious software on mobile devices is often not perceived by the user and involves risks, such as sending messages to premium rate numbers without his/her knowledge.

EETT, in 2017, following relevant audits and 13 hearings, imposed fines of €1,013,120 on 11 providers who were found to have violated the regulatory framework. Also, EETT has launched lately
a call to a hearing of alleged companies and, in general, constantly conducts audits, ex officio or following complaints, in order to defend consumer rights. For these issues, EETT cooperates with
other relevant bodies, including Cyber Crime and Financial Police Divisions, the Hellenic Police, the Hellenic Consumer’s Ombudsman and the relevant departments of the Greek Justice.

It is reminded that MIS regard voting, competitions, downloading via SMS (e.g. games, ringtones or videos), TV games with participation by telephone, information services (e.g. weather broadcast), astrology/cartomancy, adult services etc. Access to these services is possible through calling or receiving /sending SMS/MMS either to 5-digit numbers (e.g. 14XXX, 190XX-195XX, 54XXX) or 10-digit numbers starting from 901, 909, 806, 812, 825, 875, 190-195 etc. The charge for using the above services is higher than basic services.

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