EETT reduces termination fee charges for calls to mobile networks

December 21 2012

 Starting January 1
st 2013, the termination fees in the wholesale market for mobile networks will be
reduced to 1.269 euro cents per minute from 4.95 euro cents per minute since July 31, 2012, before
the gradual drop in charges was applied.

 Retail call prices from fixed phones to mobile phones are also expected to be reduced,
generating significant economic benefits for the end consumer. Overall, it is estimated that the
billing accounts of consumers in the Greek market will drop by about 47 million euros within

Termination fee charges for calls to mobile networks will be further applied in 2014 (1.168 euro
cents per minute) and in 2015 (1.099 euro cents per minute) plus inflation rate, thus implementing
EETT’s policy for a stable and regulated market to the benefit of consumers.