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On February 6th 2020, the Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT) published the Public Consultation on the granting of rights of use for radio frequencies in the 700 GHz, 2 GHz 3400 - 3800 MHz and 26 GHz frequency bands.

With this public consultation, EETT aims to receive views and comments from the electronic communications market and all interested parties regarding its intention to initiate the process of granting of spectrum usage rights for terrestrial systems capable of providing wireless broadband electronic communications services in the 2G band and the 5G pioneer bands.

In this context, EETT presents the existing uses of the available spectrum, analyzes the possibilities of frequency band reorganization and lists the corresponding European practice per country. The terms of entry into force and duration of usage rights, as well as coverage obligations for the provision of voice / data and broadband services in the frequency bands under consultation, are also being presented.

National spectrum usage rights

  • 700 MHz frequency band: six (6) blocks of 2x5 MHz paired spectrum,
  • 2 GHz frequency band: twelve (12) blocks of 2x5 MHz paired spectrum,
  • 3400 – 3800 MHz frequency band: up to four (4) spectrum usage rights of 100-150 MHz,
  • 24.25 – 27,5 MHz frequency band: the number of spectrum usage rights and their bandwidth will be decided after the consultation.

 Public Consultation Summary