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In order to better inform and protect subscribers, EETT issues the following guidance to the Greek operators offering Internet Access Services with “speed guarantees”:

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offering speed guarantees to their subscribers, either in fixed or mobile networks, should adhere to the following transparency guidelines in the frame of the Regulation (EU) 2015/2120, and until the entry into force of the more detailed provisions of the Greek Open Internet Regulation regarding the estimation and publication of speeds:

  1. The speed guarantee should be offered to all existing subscribers of the relevant Internet access service programme/offer and be incorporated in the terms of use of the service.
  2. In case the speed guarantee actually refers to the synchronization speed of the user terminal equipment (which is not the same as the actual Internet data transfer speed), the ISP should not use terms like ‘actual’ or ‘realistic’ Internet speed.
  3. Existing subscribers should be informed of the speed guarantee, following one of the ways indicated in Article 2.1.15.ζ.ii of Appendix B of the General Authorization Regulation (ΕΕΤΤ Decision 834/2/9-11-2017), as applicable.
  4. The terms of use of the service should include the following information about speed guarantees:
    • The guaranteed speed performance, as minimum value or range of values, or as a percentage of the speed that is achieved, relative to the nominal speed.
    • The compensations that the subscriber receives in case of discrepancies from the guaranteed speed.
    • The procedure with which the subscriber can check the guaranteed speed and discrepancies from that speed.
    • The procedure with which the ISP verifies discrepancies from the guaranteed speed, as well as if the subscriber should file a complaint, or the ISP itself periodically checks the guaranteed speed and proceeds to any due compensations to the subscriber.

      This information can also be added to the specific webpage that has been created by each ISP for the Open Internet, as required by the Greek Open Internet Regulation (EETT Decision 876/7B/17-12-2018), in which case it suffices that the ISP makes only a high level reference to the speed guarantee in the terms of use of the service (and refers to the webpage for more information).

  5. A link to this information should also exist in the ISP webpages where Internet access services with speed guarantees are advertised.
  6. ISPs already offering Internet access services with speed guarantees should comply with the abovementioned guidance within 30 days from the issuing of the Decision.