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On its 30-9-2019 meeting, the plenary of EETT decided the extension of the deadline for the entry into force of the provisions of the Greek Open Internet Regulation regarding speeds for 1 (one) more year, that is until October 5th, 2020. During the extension period, the biggest Greek ISPs (Cosmote, Forthnet, OTE, Vodafone, Wind) should finalize the exact methodology for estimating speeds and proceed to a pilot implementation of this methodology in at least one geographical region.

It is reminded that, according to the provisions of the Greek Open Internet Regulation (EETT Decision 876/7B/17-12-2018), ISPs in Greece must publish the realistically expected Internet connection speeds, and commit towards the subscriber for the minimum speed in fixed networks, and for the maximum speed in mobile networks.

In the new EETT Decision, ISPs can also request the active participation of the subscriber for verifying a complaint about speeds, in order to reduce costs and avoid sending technicians for on-site checks.

The document of EETT’s decision is currently available only in Greek on its website: https://www.eett.gr/opencms/opencms/EETT/Electronic_Communications/Telecoms/NetNeutrality/LegalFramework.