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September 10, 2015

EETT developed “ keraies.eett.gr”, a portal, which provides citizens with the opportunity to keep informed on issues concerning antenna constructions in Greece.

In “keraies.eett.gr” citizens can, with simple steps, seek information for antenna constructions searching by municipality or by specific address as well as on a geographical location with the use of maps and learn about:

- The content of the license or the statement detailing the appropriate permits issued by the competent authorities.

- The legislative framework and the licensing process.

- The company that owns each antenna construction.

In addition, general information on antenna construction issues such as the legal framework, the licensing process and the competent bodies is provided.

The information provided in “keraies.eett.gr” are based on the data held in the Electronic System of Antenna Construction Application Submission (SILYA), another EETT web application which functions as one-stop licensing process for antenna construction.

The portal “keraies.eett.gr” was designed and developed by EETT and is now in pilot operation. EETT's goal is to enhance transparency in antenna construction licensing issues and protect citizens' rights through the delivery of e-Government services.