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Since 27/9/2014 a new website about number portability is available to the public, accessible via the web links www.foritotita.gr or www.numberportability.gr.

The new website contains useful information, both in the Greek and English language, about the number portability procedures and the functionality of the National Reference DataBase for number Portability (NRDBP), which serves as the central point of operator connection for exchanging number portability information.

In order to inform the public about ported numbers, the website hosts a new free service “ Find a telephone number's service provider”, through which one can search for the provider who services a telephone number connection.

Furthermore, the website presents answers to frequently asked consumer questions about number portability and provides directions, as well as an online form, to providers of electronic communication services wishing to connect to NRDBP. It also presents relevant market news and announcements regarding the NRDBP services.