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1 August 2013


EETT set in test operation by the providers of the Electronic Communications Price System. It is a pioneering online service developed by EETT, in order to offer consumers the ability to make reliable and valid evaluations of the fixed & mobile telephony and internet packages available in the Greek market.

The Electronic Communications Price System consists of: a) the Electronic Depository of Rates of Electronic Communications Products and b) the Electronic Communications Products Price Monitor.

In the Electronic Depository the price components of all commercially available packages by the providers are imported via a secure web service and in an integrated way. Currently, more than 700 packages are in the system.

The Electronic Monitor enables consumers to evaluate the packages of electronic communications services offered by providers based on specific criteria, e.g., service type. It is noted that each package is described by more than 500 key characteristics in addition to information regarding roaming or international calls.

The Electronic Communications Price System will be available to the general public in early September 2013. It forms the basis for the development by EETT, under the NSRF, of an integrated service platform for benchmarking packages according to the ideal or actual user profile of each consumer.