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March 14, 2013


EETT hosts the 2 nd Conference of the Regulatory Authorities of Greece and Cyprus (EETT - OCECPR) at a critical juncture for the future of telecommunications and postal services in both countries. The Conference will be held on Thursday, March 28 at Hotel Divani Caravel. Mr. Kostis Hatzidakis Minister of Development & Infrastructure of Greece and Mr. Tasos Mitsopoulos, Minister of Communications & Works of Cyprus, have been invited to deliver opening addresses at the Conference.

In the electronic communications sector, the discussion will focus on the challenging balance between attracting high speed broadband investment and safeguarding competition, in the context of the European Commission’s Draft Recommendation. In addition, the prospects for a dynamic broadband market that will benefit businesses and consumers will be discussed.

The discussion on postal services will focus on the conditions for the entry of new providers in the commercial operation of the Universal Service Provider and the sustainability of the Universal Service and the development of competitive services. The discussion on the course of liberalization of postal markets in both countries will be of special interest.

Invited speakers are senior executives from the Regulators of Greece and Cyprus, and representatives of the Greek and Cypriot market for telecommunications and postal services.

For more information and application form please visit http://www.eett.gr.