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March 21, 2013

EETT promotes the creation of the first digital map of broadband coverage in Greece and invites ADSL or VDSL subscribers to participate in HYPERION, an innovative, reliable and easy to use "System for Performance Evaluation of Broadband Connections." With HYPERION, at www.hyperiontest.gr, the subscribers can measure, control and simultaneously compare the performance, actual speed and the qualitative characteristics of the broadband connection by geographic region.

In HYPERION, subscribers can:

- measure, with the NDT tool, the actual access speeds when downloading and uploading data, response time and packet loss in a particular geographic area and time (e.g., low speeds during peak hours). Also, they compare the speed they really enjoy by calculating the maximum speed their connection can theoretically support, depending on their distance from the nearest local exchange.

- Control, with the Glasnost tool, if the provider restricts selected services preventing optimal use of speed.

HYPERION was developed by EETT, using as a base the platform of the Measurement Lab Partnership (M-Lab). Following the M-Lab guidelines, the HYPERION is available by EETT in an open source form that can be exploited by other regulatory authorities or bodies that have already expressed interest.

Since protecting the rights of consumers is a top priority, EETT via HYPERION aims to favor transparency in the subscriber-provider relationship, consumer protection from unfair practices and equal access to competitive fixed-line broadband.

How fast is your internet?  Your participation... counts!
Make a measurement now at www.hyperiontest.gr