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July 11, 2013

At today's plenary meeting, EETT examined 25 bundling offers of OTE, approving 21 and rejecting 4, as it was ruled that they cause margin squeeze to the detriment of competitors. Since the beginning of 2013 until now, EETT has examined a total of 70 bundling offers of OTE, of which 62 have been approved while eight were rejected.

EETT’s examination of the bundling offers that combine telephony and internet services results from the regulatory obligation imposed on OTE as the latter is a company with significant market power in retail markets of broadband access and calls. The examination of each program is individualized. The time of the programs’ examination by the Regulatory Authority depends on the completeness of accompanying support elements and the date of their submission by OTE. Before approving each packet, no public announcement is permitted for its content or any other characteristics. Any commercial marketing of non-approved packages constitutes a breach of the legislation.

The examination of economy programs by the Regulatory Authority enhances fair competition and the proper functioning of the market. Our aim is to offer competitive services at affordable prices and in the long term for Greek consumers.