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July 29, 2013

EETT, in accordance with the one-stop shop licensing process for antenna mast constructions and the current legal framework, developed and introduced the Electronic Submission of Applications System (ESAS) in December 2012. This is an innovative electronic system that improves and accelerates the licensing process for antenna mast constructions, while at the same time introduces e-government services in the Greek public administration.

Since the initiation of ESAS and until now, EETT issued licenses to approximately 90% of all the applications submitted for the antenna mast constructions in the context of the one-stop shop licensing process. Respectively, EETT issued file completeness certificates for 77% of applications that fulfilled the statutory requirements. Overall, EETT through ESAS has to date:

  • issued 452 licenses for antenna mast constructions and file completeness certificates
  • rejected 235 applications for licensing antenna mast constructions
  • returned to providers for correction 226 applications for licenses and 170 applications for certificates

Under the new licensing framework, EETT issues antenna construction licenses for applications that have only been submitted to ESAS in a complete file that includes all the necessary approvals issued by other pertinent authorities. Within four months from the moment of application approvals issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the Greek Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC) are required and if there are no other objections from other pertinent authorities, EETT issues the file completeness certificates. After the issue of the license or certificate, the applicant has the right to install the antenna mast construction.

The operation of the one-stop shop licensing process and ESAS by EETT is yet another step in the development of networks and advanced services in mobile broadband to the benefit of the citizens and the Greek economy.