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July 22, 2013

Following a series of complaints from consumers and subsequent ex officio controls, EETT has decided to revoke the operating license of the "Dynamic Communication and Technology Limited" (DC & T. Ltd) for serious and repeated breaches of the Code of Practice for Premium Rate Services (PRS), the Regulation for the provision of services under General Authorization License as well as consumer protection legislation. In this context, EETT withdraws the company's rights of use for the numbers 54787 and 54380 from which short messages via mobile phones (sms) of increased rate were sent to the consumers.
These serious law violations included:

  • The distribution of short messages (sms) to consumers' mobile phones of Premium Rate Services, such as online dating, without the consumers' consent, previous registration to the service, or information of any kind
  • The deception of consumers through the imposition of increased and arbitrary charges without prior information about the service provided and the cost for it
  • The distribution of misleading messages urging consumers to constantly send short messages via mobile phones of increased rate
  • Failure to satisfy consumer demands for removal of their contact information from the company's registry
  • Consumer inability to communicate with the company's call center

Revoking the right of "Dynamic Communication and Technology Limited" (DC & T. Ltd) to provide Premium Rate Services was decided on the basis of the extent and gravity of offenses, the large number of affected consumers and the amount of economic damage caused to them, the increased risk of deception and possible damage to the market of Premium Rate Services and the need to prevent such malpractices in the future.

EETT continues its regulatory and controlling work, safeguarding the rights of consumers and the proper functioning and transparency in the market.