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  October 23, 2012

EETT located and terminated illegal digital television broadcasts in three prefectures so as to ensure Greece’s smooth and successful transition to the digital terrestrial television.

Specifically, the Greek Police along with EETT’s technical experts and in the presence of judicial officer located and confiscated illegal broadcasting transmitters of:

  • DIGEA and ERT digital television programs in three channels (UHF 48, 52, 69) in St. Nicholas, Fokida Prefecture.
  • DIGEA and ERT digital television programs in three channels (UHF 25, 34, 54) in Loutsa, Preveza Prefecture.
  • An illegal television station operating under the name «LTV» and broadcasting from the channel UHF 39 in Loutraki, Corinth Prefecture.

It must be noted that with the contribution of its regional offices, EETT prevents the installation of illegal local transmitters, conducts continuing monitoring measurements and records digital television broadcasts and, depending on the case, takes all applicable administrative and penal sanctions. Furthermore, EETT has informed the local authorities for the 23 locations nationwide in which the digital transmission facilities of the legally authorized providers will be installed during the transition period.


For more information:
Ioanna Alexopoulou
Head of the Public Relations Dept.
T +30 210 615 1250
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