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For the following period, [gr] Registry will make available applications to our partners that will allow all interested parties to experiment with the DNSSEC technology, which provides for the secure delegation of domains.

DNSSEC is at the moment in an early stage of adoption as the zone files of the root (.) name servers are not signed by ICANN. According to announcements made by ICANN, the signing of the zone files for the root name servers is scheduled for no latter than 1st July 2010.

The [.gr] Registry wishing to contribute actively to the wider adoption of a technology that improves the security of DNS provides the opportunity to registrars and users to test the procedures applicable for the use of DNSSEC by making available the second level domain [.grk.gr]. Interested parties can create third level domain names under [.grk.gr] that will be managed through the [.gr] Registry test platform and produce real results as the zone file for [.grk.gr] will be generated 6 times during the day. All domain names under [.grk.gr] will be added to the zone and securely signed with the public keys provided.