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The National Telecommunications and Post Commission of Greece (EETT) initiates an open public tender for the undertaking of a project on “Methodology the ex ante assessment of electronic communications services bundling offers of providers with significant market power”.

1. Main Objective
The main objective of the project is the development of a detailed methodology that EETT will use for the ex ante assessment of bundling offers of providers with significant market power to detect anti-competitive practices including predatory pricing and price /margin squeeze. The methodology will include all the criteria, decision trees and imputation tests used to analyze the bundling offers of the providers with SMP based on obligations imposed through the existing regulatory framework. The detailed project requirements are fully described in Annex D of the tender document. 

2. Budget
The budget for the project shall not exceed the amount of 300,000 euros, excluding VAT. Any offer above this amount will be rejected. The final contractual fee of the undertaker is the financial offer of the candidate who will be selected as “undertaker” and sign the relevant contract. The final contractual fee includes any kind of taxes, duties, deductions etc., according to the Greek and European legislation, excluding VAT.

3. Project Duration
The project must be completed within a period of five (5) months from the day the contract will be signed between the contracting parties.

4. Language
All documents relevant to the submitted offers and all reports must be written in Greek.

5. Evaluation and selection criteria
Evaluation will be made on the basis of the most advantageous, from financial point of view, offer, according to the criteria mentioned in the contract issues.

6. Prerequisites
Candidates who submit an offer (individuals, legal entities or associations) should fulfill and prove adequately the following minimum prerequisites, or will be excluded from the procedure:
i) They should prove their general experience on issues of analysis/ assessment of bundling offers and anti-competitive practices (predatory pricing, margin/price squeeze) as well as analysis/ development of imputation tests (principles and modeling) 
ii) They should prove their special experience on projects with similar purpose and object with the present one, during the three (3) last years before the publication of the present tender.

7. Further Information
The full tender document can be obtained from EETT’s office (Kifissias 60, Maroussi) at a fee of 120 euros until the 21st July 2008 during the working hours (10.00- 14.00).
Interested parties should deposit the aforementioned fee at EETT’s account in Eurobank (account number 0026-0027310200113144, swift code EGF.B.GRAA) and submit the receipt of the transaction to EETT’s secretariat in order to acquire the tender documents.
Email address for information purposes: bundling@eett.gr

8. Deadline for submitting Bids
Bids to the above tender should be submitted to EETT not later than 12:00 on 7th August 2008 .