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It is hereby announced that the .gr Domain Names Registrar “DIONYSIS VOUTOS EPE” (“DV INTERPOWER LTD”) has been deleted from the official List of .gr Registrars, by dint of E.E.T.T. Decision no 397/020/24-7-2006, according to article 18 par. 14 of the Regulation on Management and Assignment of .gr Domain Names (EETT Decision No 351/76/20-5-2005, OJ 717/B/27-5-2005).

The .gr Domain Names Holders that are being served by the said Registrar are, therefore, invited to select a new Registrar within a time period of 90 days, which begins on the publication of the present announcement.

Attention! In case of loss of the registration code of the .gr domain names to be transferred to a new Registrar, you may complete and file to EETT the “ Application for the Notification of a .gr domain name Registration Code”, published on EETT’s website.

In case where a Domain Name Holder does not select a new Registrar within the time period set here above, EETT shall proceed to the deletion of the domain names concerned.