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As of 20 October 2005, Presidential Decree 44/2002 "Radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment and the mutual recognition of their conformity. Transposition of the Greek legislation to the Directive 99/5/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 March 1999" covers also Αir Τraffic Μanagement equipment and systems - ΑΤΜ, within the meaning of Article 1 of Council Directive 93/65/EEC of 19 July 1993 on the definition and use of compatible technical specifications for the procurement of air-traffic-management equipment and systems. This comes as a result of the repeal of Directive 93/65/EC by Regulation (EC) No 552/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 10 March 2004 on the interoperability of the European Air Traffic Management network (following named as Interoperability Regulation 552/2004).

ATM equipment includes (but is not limited to):

HF SSB Comms Transmitter and Receiver
VHF AM Comms Transmitter (25kHz and 8.33kHz)
VHF AM Comms Receiver (25kHz and 8.33kHz)
VHF Data Link Mode 2 (D8PSK)
VHF Data Link Mode 4 (S-TDMA)
VHF Direction Finder (VHF DF - Rx)
Non-Directional Beacon (NDB)
Marker )
Glide slope ) ILS
Localiser )
Microwave Landing System
VHF Omnidirectional Radio-range (VOR)
Doppler VHF Omnidirectional Radio-range (DVOR)
Distance Measuring Equipment
Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar
Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar Mode S
MSSR Site Monitor
Automatic Surface Movement Guidance System
Primary Radar 23 cm
Primary Radar 10 cm
Primary Radar 3 cm
Primary Radar 15 GHz

Interoperability issues of ATM will be covered by Interoperability Regulation 552/2004.

Equipment within the meaning of article 2 of Regulation No. 3922/91 of the Council of 16 December 1991 on the harmonization of technical requirements and administrative procedures in the field of civil aviation (which has been partially amended by Regulation 1592/2002 of the European Parliament and of the Council on common rules in the field of civil aviation and establishing a European Aviation Safety Agency and Regulation 1702/2003 laying down implementing rules for the airworthiness and environmental ratification of aircraft and related products, parts and appliances, as well as for the certification of design and production organization) continues to be excluded from the R&TTE Directive.

More information on this issue is available at the R&TTE site of the European Commission http://europa.eu.int/comm/enterprise/rtte/index_en.htm.