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1. Authority: The National Telecommunications and Post Commission (ΕΕΤΤ), 60 Kifissias Ave., 151 25 Maroussi, Greece, tel. 010 6151000, fax 010 6105049, URL http://www.eett.gr

2. ObjectiveofProject:EETTseeksto assign a Contract for the development of a “ Bottom-up” Model for Interconnection and for Local Loop Unbundling (LLU), according to the terms that are stated in the Tender Document of this Project. The “Bottom-up” Model should:

  • address the relevant present and future needs of the EETT,
  • determine efficient tariffs for Interconnection and LLU, for the case of Greece,
  • be a suitable tool for EETT’s assessment of the Interconnection and LLU tariffs that OTE (the incumbent) files for approval and which have been determined by a “Top-down” approach based on the Long Run Average Incremental Cost methodology and Current/Forward Looking costs,
  • be suitable for reconciliation with the “Top-down” approach regarding Interconnection and LLU,
  • facilitate sensitivity analyses regarding the tariffs of Interconnection and LLU,
  • be adaptable to changing supply conditions of the Interconnection and LLU services,
  • contain internal control procedures for the testing of the effectiveness of the Bottom-up Model and of the quality of the results it produces,
  • be applied via a user friendly software.

3. Budget: EUR 198.000 (one hundred ninety eight thousand) excluding the corresponding VAT (18%).

4. Selection Procedure: Tender Process as per EETT’s Regulation regarding Contracts, Procurement, Services and Projects (Gov. Gazette Chapter Β 1750/31.12.01).

5. Place of provided services: The Project will be carried out at EETT’s premises and/ or the premises of the Contractor.

6. Qualifications of Tenderers: Tenders may be submitted by individuals or legal entities, a consortium or grouping of entities that are active in related field of work, have proven abilities, special expertise and extensive experience in the development (design, development of the relevant software and implementation) of Bottom-up models regarding both Interconnection and LLU. More details regarding the Tenderers’ qualifications are stated in the Tender Document.

7. Alternative Tenders or Tenders for part of the requested services: Not acceptable.

8. Duration of Project and Project Reports: The Project will be carried out within four (4) months from the date of the signing of the Contract.

There will be three (3) Project Reports (Deliverables): Preliminary Study and Design of the Project, Design and Implementation of the Bottom-up Model for Interconnection and LLU, User Manual for the Bottom-up Model.

9. Availability of Tender Document and Information for Bidding: Tender Documents can be purchased, as of 1 July 2002, during working days and between 10:00 and 16:00 hours, from the Accounting Office of EETT (7th floor, 60 Kifissias Ave., 151 25 Maroussi, tel. 01 06151000, Fax. 01 06105049), at a price of EUR 100 (one hundred), which may be deposited as well, up to seven (7) days prior to the deadline for submission of the Tender Envelopes, in ΕΕΤΤ’s account at Eurobank, number 0026 0027.31 0200113144, swift code EFG.B.GRAA (all related expenses for bank transfers etc. will be borne by the sender) with the reference «Request for the Tender Document - Development of a “Bottom-up” Model for Interconnection and for Local Loop Unbundling».

Inquiries relating to this Invitation should be directed to EETT (Mr. G. Charchar, tel. 01 06151102 and fax 01 06105049).

10. Deadline and Place for submission of Tenders: Tender Envelopes will be submitted to the Registrar of EETT, 60 Kifissias Ave., 151 25 Maroussi, by Wednesday 31 July 2002, no later than 13:00 hours. Late arrivals will not be accepted.

11. Language of Documents: Tenders must be submitted in the Hellenic language (English is optional). The working language may be either Hellenic or English, under the condition that all agreements that affect the Contract must be stated in writing in the Hellenic language.

12. Date, Time and Place of the Opening of the Tenders: 31 July 2002, 13:15 hours, at the Office of EETT, 7th floor, 60 Kifissias Ave., Maroussi.

13. Representation of Tenderers at the Opening of the Tender Envelopes: Duly authorised representatives of the Tenderers who have successfully submitted their Tender Envelopes.

14. Required Warranty for Participation: A Bid Bond addressed to EETT in the amount of 5% (five per cent) of the Project’s budget.

15. BindingDurationofTenders: Four (4) months from the date of the signing of the Contract.

16. Assessment Criteria of Tenders: The Contract will be assigned to the most advantageous Tender, following an assessment based on the specific evaluation criteria that are stated in detail in the Tender Document.

17. Right of Participation and Restrictions: Relevant conditions are stated in detail in the Tender Document.

18. Financing of the Project and Payment to the Contractor: Payments to the Contractor will be made directly by EETT according the payment scheme which is detailed in the Tender Document. The Project will be submitted for inclusion in the Operational Programme «Information Society» of the 3rd Community Support Programme (CSF), for Community financing of 75% of the Project’s budget.

19. Additional Information: The Tender Document contains additional information pertaining to the Tender requirements and conditions.