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The National Telecommunications and Post Commission in Greece (EETT) invites to tender for the undertaking of a study on the organisation of the frequency spectrum department of EETT.

Main Objective
In brief, the contactor’s work includes the following tasks:

    - Evaluation of the existing situation

    - European practice and experience

    - Action plans

    - Creation of regulations

    - Design of the organisational model

    - Implementation of the organisational model and appraisal of the results

Bids should not exceed the value of 900.000 Euro plus VAT.

Time Schedule
The duration of the study is estimated at 13 months. The submission of the specified Deliverables is placed within the first 6 months. A period of 4 (estimated) months will follow where the contractor will have only minimum obligations. Finally, after that period, and for three months, the contractor will support EETT in the implementation of the proposed organisational model.

Tender Procedure
The successful bidder will be the one with the most economically advantageous offer, according to the evaluation criteria defined in the Tender documents.

The successful contractor must have undertaken and currently implementing or must have successfully completed at least one similar project on behalf of an Authority with similar responsibilities in other countries with participation of at least 30%.

Documents language
All documents relevant to the proposal should be in Greek

Working language can be either English or Greek

Bids to the above tender should be submitted to EETT (60 Kifisias Ave., Maroussi, Greece) not later than 17 June, at 13:00 a.m.

More Information
The full tender document can be obtained from EETT’s Offices (60 Kifisias Ave., Maroussi, Greece, 7th floor), on working days and during normal working hours, i.e., 10:00-16:00 hrs, at a fee of € 150. Interested parties should deposit the aforementioned fee in EETTs account in Eurobank, using the account number GR8002600270000310200113144, swift code EFG.B.GRAA (expenses that relate to the bank transfer should not be covered by the aforementioned fee) and submit the receipt of the transaction to EETTs Accounting department in order to acquire the tender documents, at least 20 days prior to the deadline of the tender.