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Supervision and Control of the provision of Electronic Signatures services

- According to P.D. 150/2001 “Adaptation to Directive 99/93/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on a Community framework for electronic signatures”, EETT is the authority responsible for control and supervision of certification-service providers for electronic signatures which are established in Greece, as well as for ascertaining compliance with “secure signature creation devices”. In parallel, EETT is responsible for designation and supervision of private- or public-sector bodies for the accreditation of certification providers, as well as for ascertaining compliance with “secure signature creation devices”.

- By its Decision 248/71 (FEK Issue 603/B/16-5-2002), EETT issued a "Regulation on the Provision of Electronic Signature Certification Services", regulating matters regarding:

  • Qualified Certificates.
  • Supervision and control of electronic signature certification-service providers which established in Greece and issuing Qualified or non- Qualified certificates or provide other certification services related to electronic signatures. In accordance with article 10, EETT keeps a registry of the Certification-Service Providers established in Greece.

- EETT has already initiated the procedures for conducting a project on:

  • The precise application framework for voluntary accreditation, as this has been defined in P.D. 150/2001, par. 4.5; and
  • The criteria for the selection of Designated Bodies (in either the public or the private sector) for:

(a) accreditation Certification Service Providers; and for

(b) ascertaining compliance with “secure signature creation devices”.

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