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After the completion of the first phase of the Auction for the Award of Individual Licences for the Provision of 3rd Generation Public Mobile Telecommunication Services, the National Telecommunications & Post Commission (EETT) announces the following:

Valid bids were submitted by:

COSMOTE – Mobile Telecommunications ΑΕ
146.735.200 EURO
146.735.200 EURO
STET HELLAS Telecommunications AEBE
146.735.169 EURO

Consequently, the companies:

  • COSMOTE – Mobile Telecommunications ΑΕ
  • STET HELLAS Telecommunications AEBE

have successfully completed the stage for the allocation of Basic Licences and the licensing process will be continued on Friday,13th of July 2001 with the realisation of:

  • The Second Phase for the allocation of additional Spectrum Segments and
  • The Third Phase for the positioning within segments that have been allocated.

The winners will be announced on the same day.