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The Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT) communicated today to the European Commission the Measure Plan regarding the market of Unbundled Access Provision to Metallic Loops and Subloops.
EETT has also notified the specific Measure Plan to the other  Member States’ National Regulatory Authorities, in fulfilling its obligation to market definition and analysis. It is reminded that the Plan had been preceded by Public Consultation on the definition and analysis of such market and suggested regulatory obligations regarding the same. 
The market of Unbundled Access to Metallic Loops and Subloops directly relates to the development of broadband infrastructure and the provision of broadband services.
According to a statement made by EETT President, Professor Nikitas Alexandridis “The conclusion of the communication procedure shall give EETT the possibility to adopt appropriate measures in order for competition to develop in this market, which shall further allow it, among other things, to provide quality broadband services at attractive rates."
The Notification document is available at EETT’s website (www.eett.gr, home page).
For more information contact Ms. M. Karakitsou, Head of the Public Relations Department, at 210 615 1124, e-mail: Marilena.K@eett.gr