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In the context of an injunction relief procedure, EETT has issued two Temporary Orders, following a request filed by alternative providers HELLAS ON LINE (HOL) and LANNET, which OTE threatened with the adoption of all lawful measures, invoking the existence of high outstanding debts of such providers to it.  
Such Temporary Orders temporarily prohibit OTE from proceeding to Interconnection interruption, until ΕΕΤΤ has decided on whether OTE's claims are founded in the context of a dispute settlement procedure in accordance with the new Law on e-Communication. For such Temporary Orders to be valid, for the purpose of safeguarding OTE's founded claims, the foregoing providers are required to issue a letter of guarantee to OTE covering a part of the debt, and pay the remaining part of the debt in cash. At the same time, OTE has been obliged to issue a letter of guarantee for the same amount to such providers to ensure the return of such sum should OTE's claims be found to be groundless.
By means of these actions, ΕΕΤΤ plays its part as e-Communications National Regulatory Authority in accordance with the principles of impartiality and transparency, to the benefit of competition and in the bottom line to the benefit of consumers.