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In accordance with a recent decision made by the Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT) providers must keep users more adequately informed about the charges that apply to calls to directory enquiry service access codes (118 ΧΧ).
More specifically, when calls are made to the foregoing access codes, providers need to provide a recording, free of charge, with a clear description of the charges and more specifically provide information:
• either about the total flat rate regardless of the duration of calls;
• or about the rate that applies per time unit, as well as expressed in euros per minute.

Where a user connects through the foregoing service with the desired number (call completion), prior to ensuring the subscriber’s consent and proceed to the connection, providers are required to adequately inform the user on the cost of the call in accordance with the above.
Further, when such services are advertised, charges must be described in a manner rendering them comprehensible and, depending on the advertising media used, they must be clearly indicated or announced. In case of television or multimedia advertising, charges must be displayed throughout the duration of the commercial as stable and not scrolling text.
EETT President, Professor Nikitas Alexandridis has stated that "the foregoing obligations of directory enquiry service providers constitute the first step taken by EETT and fall under its initiatives for an integrated approach to solve the problems that have arisen to date with regard to such services, driven by consumer protection.”