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 47 entities expressed their interest in licenses for the pilot use of radio frequency spectrum at 3.5 GHz which the Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT) intends to grant. Such licenses, aiming exclusively at testing new wireless technologies, shall be valid for 3 months.

ΕΕΤΤ, taking account the increased interest expressed and in order to satisfy the largest possible number of requests, shall extend until December 30th, 2005 the deadline by which the foregoing interested parties can submit all required information justifying the granting of license for pilot use, the technical description of the technology they intend to use, and the geographical areas in which they intend to install the network stations, along with alternative locations. Also, in order to facilitate the procedure, EETT shall at the beginning of the following week publish at its website the special form to be used for the description of the technical characteristics of stations (www.eett.gr, Telecommunications/  Licensing section).