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 EETT President, Professor Nikitas Alexandridis, participated in the 15th Conference of the European Regulators Group (ERG) (Note that EETT is an active ERG Member).
The most important developments that followed the Conference are:
• It has been decided that all National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) shall publish, at their respective websites, the charges for International Roaming.
In this context, the Report suggesting measures towards the transparency of charges with regard to this issue, has been approved.
• The revision of the ERG Common Position about the regulatory obligations of partners with Significant Power in Markets has been approved on the basis of the European Regulatory Framework. The text has been subjected to Public Consultation until January 13th, 2006 (http://www.erg.eu.int/documents/cons/index_en.htm).
• A report has been approved on the experience of the NRAs to analyze certain markets (Market 10: Transit services in the fixed public telephone network, Market 11:  Wholesale unbundled access to metallic loops and subloops for the purpose of providing broadband and voice services, Market 12: Wholesale Broadband Access, Market 15: Access and call origination on public mobile telephone network, Market 16: Voice call termination on individual mobile networks).
• The ERG Work Plan for 2006 was adopted laying the stress on the revision of the 2003 European Regulatory Framework and VoIP issues.
• It was announced that Croatia shall take part as ERG Observer.
According to a statement by Professor Alexandridis “EETT aims at further enhancing its cooperation with National Regulatory Authorities also within the ERG and contribute to the development of the single e-Communications market, aiming at promoting broadband services in our country."