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During the meeting that was held today, Thursday, 29 September 2005, the Plenary of the Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission reached, among other things, the following Decisions:

  • To announce its positions on the comments that the telecommunications companies made within the framework of Public Consultations regarding the definition of the 3 public fixed network Interconnection markets (commencement, termination and transmission of calls from a fixed point). The relative texts will be posted on the web-site of the Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission (www.eett.gr, Announcements). The next step will be an analysis of and the regulatory interventions in the said markets.
  • To call a postal service provider to a Hearing following a relative complaint that was by filed by Hellenic Post regarding the investigation of possible illegal re-mailing of postal items in violation of the exclusive rights of the Universal Service Provider, which in Greece is the Hellenic Post. Re-mailing, which conflicts with the Universal Postal Convention, consists in the intention of the sender who resides in a member state of the Universal Postal Convention to take advantage of more favourable invoicing terms that are applied in another member state.
  • To call to a Hearing companies/organizations/private individuals with the purpose of investigating violations of the provisions of the Regulation on the Management and Assignment of .gr Domain Names.
  • To approve 11 applications for the assignment of Individual Radio Frequencies under the status of a Special Licence for the provision of public telecommunications services.
  • To approve 6 applications for the assignment of geographic and non-geographic numbers from the National Numbering Plan of Greece.
  • To assign 1,372 [.gr.] Domain Names.
  • Assignments for the issuance of 7 Special Radio Network Operating Licences.