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Mr P. Rodford, Head of Unit ‘Implementation of the Regulatory Framework’ at the DG Information Society in the European Commission and Ms M. Stafilidou, Desk Officer in the same Unit, visited the National Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT) on Monday, 27 May 2002. This visit was part of EETT’s continuous efforts to brief its staff on recent developments in the telecommunications sector. The ensuing presentation (by the two EC officials) was focused on the transition roadmap to the new regulatory framework for networks and electronic communication services, that has recently entered into force in the EU.

Mr Rodford, stated the following regarding progress achieved in Greece:

“DG Information Society of the European Commission welcomes recent progress in the liberalization of the Greek telecoms market. It is encouraged in particular by the strengthening of the EETT in terms of quality staffing and the exercise of the powers transferred to it by the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

DG Information Society welcomes recent steps in relation to the pricing of facilities for local loop unbundling, spectrum management and the national numbering plan, and the evidence of thirteen interconnection agreements between fixed operators and a significant number of licences for fixed voice telephony and fixed wireless access.

DG Information Society looks forward to the introduction of carrier preselection and number portability to open competition further and benefit consumers, in line with the EU regulatory framework. It also counts on further work being done by the regulator on the verification of the cost accounting system of OTE for the provision of voice telephony, interconnection and leased line services.

Finally, DG Information Society looks forward to the early transposition in Greece of the recently adopted ‘new’ EU regulatory framework for telecoms, and to the further assignment of staff to accomplish the new tasks given to regulators.”