Mobile service

The mobile service refers to communication between mobile radio communication stations or between a radio communication station located in a fixed position and one or more mobile stations.

For the operation of mobile service networks, you must obtain a right to use radio spectrum from EETT. 

  • Public networks: You acquire the right to use radio spectrum, as a rule, through a tendering procedure.
  • Special radio networks: These are private mobile radio networks (PMR) of the land mobile service which cover the communication needs of various professional users, as well as emergency services. For their installation and operation, you must obtain a right to use radio spectrum (with the exception of using PMR 446equipment). 

The licensing process is carried out in accordance with Law 4727/2020 and the relevant EETT Regulations. In order to obtain a right, you do not need to be entered in the register of providers of electronic communications networks and services operating under the general authorization system (in the eRegistry), since the specific networks are intended exclusively for own use and not for the provision of public electronic communications services.


To gain the right to use a special radio network, you must complete the relevant online application (see below). Before submitting the application, it is recommended that you carefully read the instructions for completion to avoid omissions that may delay the handing process.


For rights to use radio spectrum, you pay fees for each year that the right is in effect, whether or not the radio frequency is used. The fees are modulated in accordance with the Regulation on the determination of fees for the assignment and use of radio frequency spectrum. 

If you do not use the special radio network, it is recommended that you submit a request to revoke the right (see below) so that you do not incur fees.