General information

Radio equipment devices (wireless devices) enable communication and networking without the use of wires. In addition, they must meet specific requirements concerning:

  • Health and safety
  • Protection of the environment
  • Unnecessary use of public resources
  • Compatibility with other in-service devices.

EETT is the competent authority for the surveillance of the radio equipment market (Law 4727/2020, in force, paragraph 29, Article 113). By virtue of the Presidential Decree No. 98/2017, the Directive 2014/53 on the making available on the market of radio equipment, also known as RED (Radio Equipment Directive), which lays down common terms and conditions for all Member States of the European Union (EU), was transposed into Greek law.

The Presidential Decree No. 98/2017 specifies:

  • The terms, conditions and essential requirements for the making available on the market and use of radio equipment.
  • The obligations of radio equipment manufacturers, importers and distributors.
  • The measures and administrative penalties imposed in the event of non-conformity. 

EETT carries out inspections to verify the conformity of radio equipment products and where it finds infringements, it takes measures to restrict corresponding products being made available on the market and imposes penalties.

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