Content (of OOAR)

OOAR is composed of one (1) sub-Project:

Sub-Project 1:    EETT Business Plan for Organizational and Functional Adaptation to the Emerging Needs of the Electronic Communications and Postal Services Markets

The sub-Project encompassed:

  • Business Plan regarding the re-engineering of EETT’s processes/procedures:
    • Analysis of pre-existing status and inspection of processes/procedures (identification – evaluation of organizational structure, operational functions, IT infrastructure)

    • Planning of organizational and functional adaptation (redesign of processes/procedures for problem mitigation – resolution, development of Operational Model and Internal Operations Regulation(s))

    • Transition-implementation plan regarding the adopted (organizational and functional) model (preparations for the adopted Operational Model)

    • Support during the implementation of the adopted Operational and Functional Adaptation model (application of simplified processes/procedures)

  • EETT compliance with Regulation 2016/679 regarding Personal Data Protection:
    • Study and (re-)Evaluation of pre-existing compliance/conformance status

    • Establishment of a harmonization plan (plan regarding the development and implementation of policies – processes/procedures as well as control and prevention measures)

    • Implementation of harmonization (implementation of all processes/procedures – assessment of compliance with the Regulation and implementation of required technological tools)

    • Harmonization Assessment (assessment/verification of full compliance/conformance with the Regulation, conducting readiness tests)

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