Content (of OOAR)


OOAR is composed of two (2) sub-Projects, namely:

Sub-Project 1:    EETT Business Plan for Organizational and Functional Adaptation to the Emerging Needs of the Electronic Communications and Postal Services Markets

The first sub-Project encompasses:

  • Business Plan regarding the re-engineering of EETT’s processes/procedures:
    • Analysis of existing status and inspection of current processes/procedures (identification – evaluation of organizational structure, operational functions, IT infrastructure)

    • Planning of organizational and functional adaptation (redesign of processes/procedures for problem mitigation – resolution, development of Operational Model and Internal Operations Regulation(s))

    • Transition-implementation plan regarding the adopted (organizational and functional) model (preparations for the adopted Operational Model)

    • Support during the implementation of the adopted Operational and Functional Adaptation model (application of simplified processes/procedures)

  • EETT compliance with Regulation 2016/679 regarding Personal Data Protection:
    • Study and (re-)Evaluation of current compliance/conformance status

    • Establishment of a harmonization plan (plan regarding the development and implementation of policies – processes/procedures as well as control and prevention measures)

    • Implementation of harmonization (implementation of all processes/procedures – assessment of compliance with the Regulation and implementation of required technological)

    • Harmonization Assessment (assessment/verification of full compliance/conformance with the Regulation, conducting readiness tests)

Sub-Project 2:    Information and Networking Actions to promote EETT’s intervention results, exchange of good practices pertaining to regulation, supervision and control of the business environment

The second sub-Project encompasses:

  • In-situ collaboration with entities in the European Union in order to elaborate on “good practices” pertaining to regulation, supervision and control which aim to maximize the benefits for the business environment as well as the consumers

  • Organization of publicity events in order to present EETT’s adopted Operational Model to the Electronic Communications and Postal Services markets.