Organizational and Operational Adaptation of EETT

The broad scope of this project (‘OOAR’) is the Organizational Restructuring of EETT. OOAR encompasses, inter alia, the identification, elaboration, adoption and seamless implementation of modern administrative and organizational schemes that are best suited for EETT’s internal structure and operation in order to effectively and successfully exercise its statutory responsibilities. EETT seeks to ensure that it can dynamically foresee, and proactively and continuously align its interventions to, the developments in the domestic electronic communications (networks and services) and postal services markets while, in parallel, to appropriately respond/serve the rapidly evolving and ever-increasing demands of businesses and consumers in these markets; thus EETT will continue to assist and facilitate national efforts for the transition to a digital economy and the adoption of modern development paradigms.

The approved budget amounts to € 360,000.00 (three hundred and sixty thousand Euros), including VAT. The project is fully co-financed by national funds and the European Social Fund (ESF) of the European Union.



Σύντομη περιγραφή Organizational and Operational Adaptation of EETT to the New Developments and Demands in the Markets of Electronic Communications and Postal Services