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EETT is the competent authority for the surveillance of the market to ensure compliance of wireless devices with current legislation (Presidential Decree No. 98/2017).

Where non-compliance is found, EETT will ask economic operators involved (e.g. importer and/or distributor of wireless equipment) to take appropriate corrective measures. Where the non-compliance persists, EETT will take all appropriate measures to restrict/prohibit corresponding device being made available on the market or ensure that it is withdrawn or recalled from the market. EETT may impose a fine of up to 60,000 euro on economic operators found in violation of current legislation.

It is pointed out that EETT has no responsibility for issues pertaining to:
  • Product prices.
  • Maintenance faults and warranty.
  • Performance and functionality of devices.
  • Product returns.
  • Product advertising.
  • Post type