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Useful links

A database containing all assigned domain names under [.gr] or [.ελ], as well as the information corresponding to each assigned domain name.

You may find out which [.gr] or [.ελ] domain names are available for assignment or have already been assigned. In addition, information is available about the registrar of an assigned domain name and the expiry date of the holder’s exclusive right to use the domain name.

A not-for-profit public-benefit corporation that is responsible for coordinating the maintenance and management of databases associated with domain names, by ensuring their stable and secure operation.

The Committee aims at facilitating out-of-court resolution of cases of infringement on the Internet of copyright and related rights.

You can look up the organizations/companies managing the registries for all available extensions, as they have been assigned by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

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